FOUNDER TALK EP4: <br> Simon Norris (Nomensa) <br> PART 1 AUDIO ONLY!<br> Please download to listen!

Simon Norris (Nomensa)
Please download to listen!

We caught up with Simon Norris, founder and CEO of Nomensa to discuss the gritty details of what it takes to become of the biggest and best UX agencies in the country and the journey on growing to 100+ staff.

1m – 14m – The Beginning
– What motivated you to start Nomensa
– Bringing UX into a focus point before UX was a thing.
– Where does the name come from and what does it mean?

14m – 24m – Team growth and structure
– Key differences in team dynamics (10, 20, 50 staff etc) when growing then team to 100 staff – Tips and advice for the different stages of growth
– Hiring specialists and people that are better than you
– Why communication and planning is so important as you scale up

24m – 26:50m – Induction processes 

26:50m – 30m – Core values & their importance as your team grows

30m – 33m – The Nomensa definition of success

33m – End – Getting clients to trust you on difficult decisions 

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