Say No! S1E5 Chris Donnelly (Verb)

Say No! S1E5 Chris Donnelly (Verb)

I am sure everyone has been to a business event in the hope of bringing back a big lead, just to find out: These companies are just not right for me? Or get asked the standard question: What do you do? And you spend the next 5 minutes explaining the various things you can do, like a bit of everything.

Now imagine never again needing to question whether a networking event is relevant or whether a speaking opportunity is going to put you in front of the right customers. Imagine you have one line that clearly explains why your agency exists, what you do and for whom. And you can say the whole thing in 10 seconds.

That is exactly the reason I wanted to talk to Chris Donnelly, founder of Verb, a globally leading performance agency for the luxury sector. When Chris and his team plan Verb’s marketing activities, they start and end by looking at the luxury sector. Their specialism.

I wanted to understand: How in the early days before having a portfolio did Chris manage to break into the luxury sector? Get an insight into how a deep specialist plans their marketing. What marketing activities work best. Chris talks about one particular activity that repeatedly brings in some of the most famous luxury brands in the world.

Genres / Categories: New Business, Niche specialisation