FOUNDER TALK EP6:  Melina Jacovou (Propel London)  PART 2 AUDIO ONLY!  Please download to listen!

FOUNDER TALK EP6: Melina Jacovou (Propel London) PART 2 AUDIO ONLY! Please download to listen!

In this founder talk, we speak with Melina Jacovou, founder of Propel London – One of the best recruitment agencies in the country. Supplying talent to some of the biggest and best agencies, Melina gives some fantastic insights into how you can not only find the best talent without breaking the bank but how to hold on to that talent and build an incredible team.

Melina Jacovou (Propel London) Founder Talk Notes

0m – 5m – What are agencies doing to keep their staff happy

5.20m – 7:45m – When is the right time to get a recruiter in?
– Growing outside your own network
– Specialist roles
– Niches or specific roles that are really hard to find
– Multiple hires
–  Attracting talent if your agency is new to the market and doesnʼt have an established employee brand.

7:50m – 10.30m – When is it affordable for an agency to use a recruitment agency?
– You will need some money in the bank
– Investing in people Is the best thing you can do for your business
– Speak to trusted/ recommended recruiters to see if this the right thing for you to do.
– Itʼs free to speak to recruiters, nothing costs money until they place someone.

10:40m – 11:40m – The benefits of using recruiters
– You can attract the best talent in the market
–  Itʼs less of your time
– Less stress and CVʼs

11:40m – 14:40m – How to avoid recruitment pitfalls (avoid the wrongʼuns)
– Get recommendations
– Meet the recruiter face-to-face
– Ensure youʼve got the correct terms in place with an appropriate rebate period
– Have they got the right skill set to find the people you want.
– They should be willing to help you with the brief for your candidates
– Get regular feedback from the recruiter
– Find someone who understands your business and vision.
– Check out their history.

14:45m – 19m – If you canʼt afford a recruiter?
– Start with a very compelling job spec
– Research whatʼs important to the candidates youʼre trying to attract
– Get out and meet people! Never under estimate the power of your network.
– Use the job boards, get your message out on the right tools.
– Communication is attractive, make sure your company message is out and tight.
– Free platforms will rarely attract unicorns and specialists.

19m – 20.45m – When do agencies typically recruit
– Look at your recruitment as a strategic plan/objective
– The right candidate can take months to find
– You need to be thinking ahead

20.50m – 22.45m – How do agencies support their teams when there is too much work on while there are gaps in the team?
– Making sure the environment is still flexible
– Appreciate your team and staff – show them

23.50m – End
– If you started an agency now, who would be your first hire?
– Whats your experience with placing business developers

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